Ed Walker: Let’s Go To Kona

By the time you read this over 2000 athletes will have plunged into the Pacific Ocean off Kailua-Kona, Hawaii to begin their epic journey at Ironman World Championship. Vision Quest athlete Ed Walker, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Transamerica Direct, will be one of those swim-cap clad triathletes muscling his way through the sea […]

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VQ & You: Patricia Gill

I had been participating in triathlons (sprint and Olympic distances) for a number of years. This was quite some time ago when you could practically sign up the day before and the event did not cost you an arm and a leg! Then one of those “zero” birthdays was coming up and I looked at […]

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The Changing Training Landscape

At Vision Quest Coaching, we’re all about objectivity. When introducing new features, products and services, we’re constantly looking for tools that can help reduce the guesswork and offer up “hard” details. At the same time, the objective answers aren’t always as cut and dry as we would like them to be. Training comes with a […]

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VQ & You: Rick Sudekum

There are many reasons people join and continue riding with VQ. Ask ten VQ members and you will hear as many reasons. In honor of the now retired David Letterman, here are my Top 10 Reasons to Ride with VQ… 10. You have not lived a full life as a cyclist until you do indoor workouts with […]

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There is No Normal

Math is great. Most of us probably take for granted how important it is in our daily lives. Behind all of our fancy cars, computers and mobile devices are complex equations designed to make our lives simpler. However, when it comes to training, that basic math doesn’t always tell the entire story. It’s convenient to […]

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VQ & You: Andy Fleishman

When I began my VQ journey in February 2014, my power and weight were in the 180s. I didn’t even know how to ride in a pace line. My goal was to become fit and take my cycling beyond 18-mile solo rides up and down Sheridan Road. In one year, I have increased my power to 249, lost […]

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How Much Should This Hurt?

Take your pick of cliché statements from motivational posters. In order to improve athletic performance, you have to exceed your previous limits to induce new change. But by how much do you need to exceed those limits? Put another way, how much should it hurt? The stimulus for growth can come from time, intensity or […]

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Where Do We Use FTP?

Most have likely encountered the term “FTP” in training parlance. The acronym stands for Functional Threshold Power and refers to maximum effort you could produce over an effort of roughly one hour. In comparison to a laboratory blood lactate test, FTP is a representation of work you can actually do, rather than analysis of physiological […]

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VQ & You: Tony Lakier

I received an e-mail from Dave Noda, asking me and other VQers to share our VQ stories. My immediate reaction: why should I? I am out of action, I have a broken hip! (My son gave me the t-shirt I am wearing as a write this. Emblazed on the front is: “I broke my hip […]

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Successfully Introducing Strength Training

The fall is a time for many things. It marks the end of the race season for many athletes, a transition to slightly less focus and a shift in workout emphasis. During the season, it’s important to work on limiters–areas that specifically detract from your ability to perform in your goal races. In the off-season, […]

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