VQ & You: Andy Fleishman

When I began my VQ journey in February 2014, my power and weight were in the 180s. I didn’t even know how to ride in a pace line. My goal was to become fit and take my cycling beyond 18-mile solo rides up and down Sheridan Road. In one year, I have increased my power to 249, lost […]

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How Much Should This Hurt?

Take your pick of cliché statements from motivational posters. In order to improve athletic performance, you have to exceed your previous limits to induce new change. But by how much do you need to exceed those limits? Put another way, how much should it hurt? The stimulus for growth can come from time, intensity or […]

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Where Do We Use FTP?

Most have likely encountered the term “FTP” in training parlance. The acronym stands for Functional Threshold Power and refers to maximum effort you could produce over an effort of roughly one hour. In comparison to a laboratory blood lactate test, FTP is a representation of work you can actually do, rather than analysis of physiological […]

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VQ & You: Tony Lakier

I received an e-mail from Dave Noda, asking me and other VQers to share our VQ stories. My immediate reaction: why should I? I am out of action, I have a broken hip! (My son gave me the t-shirt I am wearing as a write this. Emblazed on the front is: “I broke my hip […]

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Successfully Introducing Strength Training

The fall is a time for many things. It marks the end of the race season for many athletes, a transition to slightly less focus and a shift in workout emphasis. During the season, it’s important to work on limiters–areas that specifically detract from your ability to perform in your goal races. In the off-season, […]

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This Can Happen to Anyone

At this year’s Big Shoulders 5K Swim in Chicago, I finished 8th in my heat, 81st swimmer overall in the race, 20th woman and I won my age group, W50-54. This is all fine and dandy, but the race didn’t go well for me at all. On the first leg of this marquee race–that I’ve […]

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VQ & You: Cecilia Brunetti

Goal-setting, whether athletic- or career-oriented, is like a ritual amongst the VQ community. I typically center my goals around coming out of my comfort zone. Coming out of my comfort zone is exactly what I did when I timidly entered in January 2012 for my first Taste of VQ class. My heart rate was probably in Z3 when […]

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VQ & You: Nan Doyal

Half the Road When I get on the bike, I don’t think about whether I am a woman or a man. From my viewpoint on the saddle, I am just a body with two legs that pedal, eyes for the road, a stomach to feed and a brain to wrestle with. I don’t think the […]

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What Am I Looking At?

Technology has pervaded nearly every aspect of our lives. We constantly have our phones, tablets, computers and a variety of other accessories–and all the information they contain–right at our fingertips. As has been the case for the past several years, the same is true for athletics and more and more athletes, from beginning to experienced, […]

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VQ & You: Mike Adamle

To Be Part of Something Bigger than Yourself Ever since I played little league baseball, I believed that being part of a team meant everything. And while blood, sweat and tears were necessary for individual achievement, having partners on the athletic journeys of life was just as important–and a helluva lot more fun. It certainly was […]

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