Amino Acid Deficiency in Athletes

by Dr. David I Minkoff, M.D. As a nutritionally oriented MD and an avid ironman triathlete with over 40 full Ironman finishes plus over 100 half-Ironman finishes, my goal is to help restore and maintain optimum health for everyone I see. An athlete in peak health can enjoy running and can keep their youthful performance […]

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DexaFit: Helping You to Set Goals for Next Season

By Nan Doyal At the end of a long season it is time to rest, recover and regroup. It’s time to transition off the road bike and onto the cross bike. It’s when I go back to the gym to work on strength, start running and skiing again and have more time to hang out […]

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Welcome Dr. Philip Skiba

Introducing the newest member of the VQ advisory team: Dr. Philip Skiba. We’re excited to have him on board! Athletes (and doctors!) are often nervous about doing or recommending high intensity training. The concern is that high intensity exercise might place a person at greater risk of a myocardial infarction (MI) or “heart attack.” However, […]

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Training Camps: What They’re All About

As most of you are currently toiling away on the trainers, something that might be on your mind is a training camp. Maybe you are signed up for one already, are contemplating signing up or have been part of one in the past. There are many reasons to do camps, and they can be a […]

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VQ & You: Nathan Carmon

I was asked for race results and here’s my story…not exactly a “race,” but results for sure. First, a little bit of background: I was extremely sick with various illnesses during the second half of 2014 and knew I needed to do something different. I carried over 228 pounds on my 6’1″ frame with a […]

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

Aerobic exercise is a crucial part of a well-rounded fitness program. Both the American College of Sports Medicine and American Heart Association recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week as part of a complete routine. Following this recommendation helps protect against cardiovascular disease and control risk factors such as high blood pressure […]

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Practice Makes You Perfect…or at Least Better

Endurance sports and competition require a lot of practice. The amount of time spent preparing for even a single event dwarfs the actual duration of the event. This huge volume of training is necessary, not only to develop the physical reserves to handle the demands of the event, but also to train the body in […]

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Ed Walker: Let’s Go to Kona [New! Post-Race Update]

By the time you read this, over 2000 athletes will have plunged into the Pacific Ocean off Kailua-Kona, Hawaii to begin the epic journey at the Ironman World Championship. Vision Quest athlete Ed Walker, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Transamerica Direct, will have been one of those swimcap-clad triathletes muscling his way through the […]

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VQ & You: Patricia Gill

I had been participating in triathlons (sprint and Olympic distances) for a number of years. This was quite some time ago when you could practically sign up the day before and the event did not cost you an arm and a leg! Then one of those “zero” birthdays was coming up and I looked at […]

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The Changing Training Landscape

At Vision Quest Coaching, we’re all about objectivity. When introducing new features, products and services, we’re constantly looking for tools that can help reduce the guesswork and offer up “hard” details. At the same time, the objective answers aren’t always as cut and dry as we would like them to be. Training comes with a […]

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