Membership Details

At Vision Quest Coaching, membership means access to a state-of-the-art performance training center, coached workouts designed and led by a world-class staff and training methodologies that deliver results.

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Every aspect of a Vision Quest Coaching facility is designed to provide you with the highest caliber of training using the latest equipment and technology, delivered by a world-class coaching staff. In addition to year-round outdoor training workouts, membership also provides access to our state-of-the-art facilities which include:

CompuTrainer Classes
VQ has the largest collection of CompuTrainers in the Midwest. Each of our facilities has more than 20 CompuTrainers available to ensure you’ll always get a workout.

Group Workouts
Conducted both indoors and out, VQ’s group workouts are targeted at a specific set of skills, with workouts offered at all levels of ability. We can even simulate your event indoors if we have the course, allowing you to practice specific components of your ride.

Cross-Training Classes
Our whole-body training approach incorporates dynamic functional training, strength/flexibility work and yoga workouts. Cross-training, which is often overlooked by athletes, is a critical component for ensuring success on race day. These classes target core strengthening, improve your range of motion and increase your overall fitness level. Incorporating these workouts in your training plan helps prevent injury and accelerates recovery. These classes are offered year-round and are designed to be easily integrated with your current endurance training.

On-Site Nutrition
All Vision Quest Coaching facilities are stocked with CLIF® BAR and Gatorade® products for use during facility training. Vision Quest will also supply nutritional products at key sponsored events.

Unlimited Access to Facilities and Equipment
VQ offers a range of daily workouts both early and late to easily fit your schedule. For those that would like to work out at other times during the day, we also offer “Facility Access” which allows you to work out during any hours the facility is open.

Clinics and Seminars
Throughout the year we offer our members unique opportunities to attend clinics with leading experts in fields such as: nutrition, aerodynamics, recovery, race strategy, motorpacing, Ironman strategy and more. Past speakers have included: Steve Hed, Allen Lim, Tim DeBoom, David Zabriskie and Heather Fink to name just a few.

Key Event Support, Course Preview and SAG
For most local events, Vision Quest offers a complete course preview, advice and support at the event (feeding, fluids, etc.).

Bike Safety Certification
To ensure the safety of all of our members, both on our rides and other rides, we offer a bike certification clinic that addresses: etiquette, bike-handling, cornering, visibility and general safety. We currently offer four levels of certification. All levels of cyclists are welcome!

Massage Services
Recovery is a critical component in the overall the training regime. VQ’s on-staff massage therapists can work with you as needed to accelerate your recovery.

Team Clothing
By becoming a member, you will receive access to all our Vision Quest clothing, from triathlon to cycling gear, available for all seasons.