Getting Started

VQ offers two ways of getting started. If you’re ready and would like to access the full benefits of membership, everything starts with the Performance Evaluation. If you’re not quite sure membership is for you right now, we offer class packages, allowing you a unique opportunity to experience our coaching and facilities.


Assess, Train, Perform

Our philosophy at Vision Quest Coaching is Assess, Train, Perform. We believe in finding your baseline before our first training session. To do so, we request that all new athletes and prospective VQ members take a Performance Evaluation. This is a one time evaluation is conducted by Robbie Ventura who has personally performed over 3,000 evaluations at the Vision Quest Highland Park location. It is used to gauge your current athletic level to see where it can be improved upon.

A Performance Evaluation is required if you:

  • Have a goal in mind and need to understand what it will take to get there.
  • Are a beginner and need a place to start.
  • Have been training hard but aren’t seeing the desired results.
  • Are wanting to become a member Vision Quest.
  • Haven’t taken a class with us prior but want to start training with us.

This initial Performance Evaluation includes:

  • A Blood Lactate Power Test to find Power and Heart Rate Zones
  • Bike Fit Analysis
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Strength and Stability Evaluation

After your initial evaluation, we will perform a Post Evaluation Analysis consisting of:

  • A Training Consultation Followed By Goal Setting
  • Finding Your Power and Heart Rate Training Zones
  • A Custom Prescribed Strength and Stretching Routine
  • Customized Cycling Intensity Workouts Based on Evaluation Results
  • Athlete Specific Areas for Growth
  • A Thorough Explanation of the Performance Evaluation Results

Cost: $300
Location: VQ Highland Park, 1923 Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, IL, 60035
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Class Packages

This offering is one of the most unique training packages available on the market today. This package allows you to engage with Vision Quest Coaching on a smaller scale or before you commit to one of our Membership Packages. It is designed for those that want to get a better idea of what VQ has to offer or for those that would like to use it as their once-a-week intensity ride. You can pick a day and time from our class webpage. Both AM and PM classes are available to meet all schedules.

The class starts off with an indoor field test to gather a fitness baseline, during the next six weeks we build on different energy systems based on the time of year. Athletes show an average of 12.7% gain (and still climbing!) within the eight-week session.

This package is perfect if you are unfamiliar with the benefits of a performance center versus a standard gym or if you are unsure of whether structured workouts really make a difference. We are confident that once your eight weeks are complete, you will be excited and proud to be a member of Vision Quest Coaching.

Class Package Options
4 class package – $99
8 class package – $165
16 class package – $300