Coaching Philosophy

Vision Quest Coaching believes in providing world-class training, access to cutting-edge science, and professional-level insight to endurance athletes of all types: from first-time triathletes to professional cyclists.

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Great coaching is about much more than just handing over a training plan. Great coaching is about providing education and guiding practical application. At Vision Quest Coaching, education comes in the form of science-based testing, clinics featuring some of the most impressive figures in the endurance sports field, and a training approach that is flexible and customized for every athlete.

Application is focused on putting it all together: racing and competing is the best training for racing and competing, science-based testing is a crucial objective tool for establishing performance baselines and tracking progress. We believe that we can achieve success only if you succeed in accomplishing your goals. To do this takes discipline and dedication on your part, as well as access to experience and knowledge. At VQ, it is our mission to provide you with both.

Training Approach

The first step is to set a goal for yourself–pick an event you would like to complete or compete in. With your goal in mind, Vision Quest Coaching will apply science and guidance to enable you to achieve the success you want.

The process starts with us collecting as much information from you, the athlete, as possible. This includes event goals, past experience and physiological metrics. The first considerations are the timing of your event and your available time to dedicate to train. With that information, we begin a thorough process of performance-based testing, interviewing and reviewing your past history to identify and address your rate-limiting factors. It’s vital that your current training regime, general fitness and ability level are reasonably in line with your “goal” event. This process concludes with the creation of your own unique fitness benchmarks. These benchmarks are used to track progress against future tests and provide you with a baseline which you can compare to your overall progress.

From this process, you will receive a detailed plan that will evolve with your training progression and be refined and honed as you start to respond to specific training targets. Across all our athletes, from beginners to advanced, one thing remains the same: all our plans are built around the time-tested and successful principles of stress, rest and periodization.

The secret to being a great coach is listening and we recognize that you inherently know more about yourself then we do. Athlete feedback is a critical piece of a successful coaching relationship. Often times, an athlete has an idea of what he or she responds best to, as well as what is most enjoyable. Incorporating these components into your training plan ensures that the objectives of the coach and the athlete are always aligned and the training plan helps empower you to achieve your goals.

At VQ, we use technology to simplify the training process. Use of power-based training allows for a complete biofeedback loop for our athletes. Additionally, it can help educate you about your strengths and potential areas of improvement while creating a common language between coach and athlete.

Our expertise is the depth of experience and knowledge we can offer to our athletes. From basic bike-handling to cutting-edge aerodynamic testing, we can take you as deep into the science as you want to go, accelerating the learning curve and maximizing your potential.

Robbie Ventura