VQ Ironman WI Expert Panel

imwi12promo580Ironman Wisconsin is about a month away and Vision Quest Coaching will be hosting “The VQ Ironman Wisconsin Expert Panel” just for you, covering every aspect of triathlon you need to know for your big race. This seminar will focus on Ironman Wisconsin, Ironman races and triathlon as a whole.

Everyone has been training for the “A” race, and now is the time to step back from training and focus on the day of the event. This night is designed to get you more comfortable for the race and also walk you through each leg of the triathlon from a bird’s eye view, then drilling down on specific areas of the race.
Some of the topics we’ll be covering include:
  • The best way to approach race day
  • Special needs bag – what should I have in it?
  • I’m injured and it’s so close to the race, what do I do?
  • I am thinking of doing a Ironman some day, what should my expectations be?
  • Nutrition (Pre-, During and Post-)
  • How will the heat and humidity affect my nutrition and pace?
  • How important is the draft if I am not a strong swimmer?


Meet the Panel:


Robbie Ventura

Founder of Vision Quest Coaching

Coming off commentating at the Tour de France, Robbie will MC this great event. “Engulfing yourself with as much about a race only gives you more confidence come race day.” He will walk you through:

  • Nervous about the swim? Should I use race wheels for the day of the event? Learn the best ways to make up time on those areas in which you’re still gaining strength
  • Each leg of the course, with our experts giving their insights in an open discussion
  • Breaking down the day of the event
  • Some valuable tips that won’t disrupt your current training


Andrea Rudser-Rusin

Registered Dietician/Board Certified Sports Dietitian 

Andrea, with SportWise Nutrition, is a expert in her field and also lives and breathes triathlon. She has raced in numerous Ironman races including Ironman WI.

“Having a Nutrition Plan for your race is just as important as all the hours training for your big race”. Andrea will give input on the best approach for your nutrition during the event.


Marcia Cleveland

marcia cleveland

Open Water Swimming Expert

Marcia has written several books on open-water swimming to rave reviews. Marcia has helped thousands get faster and more comfortable in the water.

Not only has she coached athletes to swim the English Channel, but also done it herself putting her name on the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming list.


Adam Zucco


Amateur Age Group Winner

Five-Time Hawaii Ironman Finisher and local triathlon coach, Adam Zucco, brings something special to the table. Not only does he have a vast amount of experience as a coach, but also has insight as a athlete training for an event.

He knows the demands of life as a triathlete preparing and training for a Ironman. Adam will talk about tips and ideas that can help you get better prepared for Game Day.


Andrea Staley


Physical Therapist

Andrea Staley is a physical therapist at IBJI in Highland Park. She has competed in several endurance and cross country mountain bike races, adventure races ranging from 6-30 hours,and half to full marathons. Andrea has a passion for cycling and is excited to share her experience with the members of VQ.


We encourage all of your questions for this event, so bring them or submit them on our registration form. This is the time to ask the questions!

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Event Details

Date: Tuesday, August 6th
Time: 6:00pm

Location: VQ Chicago, 1880 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL