Additional Services

Besides offering our monthly membership packages, Vision Quest Coaching offers a host of additional à la carte services. You don’t have to be a full member of Vision Quest Coaching to experience what we have to offer.

Our offerings include:
Performance Fitness Assessment
Retül Bike Fit
The Perfect Week
Private Rides
Annual Training Plan

Performance Fitness Assessment
At Vision Quest Coaching, we believe in understanding the science before building your plan for success. Therefore, we require all members of the Vision Quest family to take a Performance Fitness Assessment. This will allow us to gain your “baseline” numbers. If you are not a Vision Quest member, but would still like to leverage the expertise of the Vision Quest staff for a truly comprehensive fitness evaluation, sign up today .

Finding Your Baseline
How much have you improved over the years? If you’re like most, the answer will be “a lot” or “better than some” or “I don’t know for sure.” The fact is, you can’t know for sure unless you have quantitative metrics to compare your performance from year to year. If you are just starting out and/or have never looked at your fitness level in a measured fashion, a Performance Fitness Test will get you started on the right track.

Performance Testing by Vision Quest Coaching is a complete power performance profile for the athletic cyclist. It includes:

Baseline Physiological Measurements
• Body Fat Percentage
• Body Mass Index
• Blood Pressure
• Resting Heart Rate

Performance Assessment
• Power Testing
• Blood Lactate Threshold Test
• Maximum Heart Rate Determination
• Spinscan Pedal Stroke Analysis

Post-Assessment Analysis
• Heart Rate Training Zones
• Prescribed Race/Workout Warm-Up
• Professional Bike Fit
• Athlete-Specific Areas for Growth

Cost: $300
Call 877-851-8787 or email us to schedule your Performance Test

Custom Bike Fit using Retül 3-D Dynamic Motion Capture System
Most bike fit specialists fit riders in a static position. This is because the traditional tools of the trade — tape measures and plumb bobs — don’t allow accurate measurements while the rider is pedaling. Retül captures the rider’s position relative to his pedaling motion, and therefore creates the most realistic replication of the actual pedal stroke and body position when out on the road and trails. Going beyond a static bike fit or even a video analysis, Retül uses 3-dimensional views to see just these precise biomechanics while the cyclist is operating her machine. This allows the fitter to see dynamic mechanics such as knee extension (from side view) in relation to knee wobble (from front view). With the data provided by the Retül system, the bike fitter can use his bike fit training and expertise to make the best decisions on adjustments to bike, cyclist, and/or other equipment.

What to expect:
A thorough interview with be conducted with the athlete to determine function, injury history, and goals. The bike fit expert will then conduct a biomechanical functional screen to assess flexibility, strength and deficiencies, and asymmetry. Following this, the fit expert will digitize the client’s bike as currently set up. Eight anatomical LED markers will then be strategically affixed to body and the Retül sensors used to gather information in real time. The system flashes 476 times per second, taking a full set of body measurements every 34 milliseconds. The Retül software synchronizes the eight data points tracking them across longitudinal, vertical and horizontal planes and providing the fitter with a slew of data points that he uses in combination with the information gathered in the interview to make judgments on how best to adjust the bike and/or rider to optimize comfort, efficiency, and power. Follow up measurements are made until the fitter and athlete are satisfied an optimal fit has been obtained. Then the bike is re-digitized into the computer. Lastly, the athlete is provided with a digital copies of findings and measurements within 36 hours of fit.

What do you need to bring to your fit? Please make sure to bring the following:

• Cycling clothing – you will get the most accurate fit if you are wearing clothes that you normally wear on the bike.
• Cycling shoes
• Your bicycle
• Optional – any saddles, seatposts, stems, etc. you have for your bike that you have or have wanted to try out. Do not feel obligated to bring these items as we will have all of the equipment you will possibly need if we find that you need a different size/length/angle/piece of equipment

How long will the fit take and what should I expect during my fit?
The fit will take approximately 90 minutes and will entail:
• A physiologic functional screen before you get on the bike
• Digitizing the bike as currently set up
• Digitizing the rider on the bike and analyzing the need for changes to optimize comfort and power, making adjustments and re-analyzing
• Digitizing the bike in the new set up (the digitized numbers can be used on any bike of similar designed (i.e. road to road, TT to TT, etc)
• Digital PDFs of fit measurements will be supplied to the athlete within 3 days of the appointment

Cost: $300
Second bike cost: $250
Contact us about Retül Bike Fits at bikefit@visionquestcoaching.comor call 877-851-8787 ext 754

The Perfect Week
After years of riding and training with the world’s top coaches, as well as coaching professional athletes himself, founder Robbie Ventura has pared the training process down to The Perfect Week. Before you jump into The Perfect Week, you must go through Performance Testing to identify your current endurance and fitness baselines. With those baselines in mind, your coach will develop a customized week of training designed specifically around your needs to help you achieve your goal with the maximum amount of efficiency.

This coaching product is best suited for the individual who is not signed up with a Vision Quest Coach or membership. This consultation provides one hour of one-to-one interaction with an Elite Level coach who will design your customized “Perfect Week” of training. Your Performance Fitness Test (completed prior to scheduling your Perfect Week consult) will provide the proper scientific evaluation of your current fitness levels. During your one-hour consultation, your Vision Quest Coach will review your cycling experience and test results, and discuss your goals.

From there, VQ will develop a personalized training week designed specifically around your training levels and lifestyle to help you achieve your goal with the maximum amount of efficiency.

Cost: $100 per week
Contact us about The Perfect Week

Private Rides
Let an Elite Level VQ Coach take you for a ride! This one-on-one private bike ride will last up to two hours. The Coach will analyze all elements of your riding and provide in-the-moment training. The ride is customized to your exacting needs, whether bike-handling, drafting, using the power meter, learning structured intervals or even if you just need a push. You’ve seen Race Day and Power . now ride the Coach’s wheel for the ultimate lead out!

**Note: Do you know that you can share this private ride with your two friends? We offer you the same price as one-on-one ride for a group ride no more than 3 people.

Cost: $200 ($300 for a ride with Robbie Ventura )
Contact us about Private Rides

Consultations are best described as any additional advice or guidance scheduled as a one-one-one with a member of the Vision Quest Coaching staff. Some typical uses of consultation time are:
• Re-evaluation of performance testing
• Specific skill or drill advice on bike, on road or in pool
• One-to-one coaching advice about issues or obstacles in training
• Training plan advice
• Re-evaluation of your perfect week

Cost: $100 per 60-minute session + $50 per additional person
Contact us about Consultations

Annual Training Plan
Annual training plan is an extension of the Perfect Week option. It includes the same initial consultation and design of a repeatable weekly training plan based around an athlete’s available training time, goals and areas of strength and weakness. However the plan also evolves  as it progresses to address areas that should become more central as the athlete approaches their goal event, as well as including planned rest periods to consolidate training gains. The plan itself will be provided in a Training Peaks account. This process works best for those with a specific event goal or season-long racing plan covering 4-6 months.

Cost: $250
Contact us about Annual Training Plan