Taste of VQ Overview

The Taste of VQ Transition phase starts the week of October 27.

Taste of VQ Locations
Please select one of the locations below for more specific information!

VQ Chicago
VQ Highland Park
VQ Naperville
VQ Downers Grove
VQ Altamonte Springs FL
VQ College Park FL

What is the Taste of VQ?
This offering is one of the most unique training packages available on the market today. This package allows you to get a taste of what Vision Quest Coaching has to offer before you commit to one of our Membership Packages. You get full use of the Performance Training Center at a designated time for eight weeks.

Once a week, at a time set up by you and the VQ staff, you can come and train using VQ equipment and have access to the staff. This package is perfect if you are unfamiliar with the benefits of a performance center versus a gym, or if you are unsure that structured workouts really make a difference. We are confident that once your eight weeks are complete, you will be excited and proud to be a member of Vision Quest Coaching.

Taste of VQ Overview

What is the Course Preview Ride?
Course Preview Rides are similar in the way the Taste of VQ 8 week sessions work, however this is your 2nd supplemental ride of the week, which can be from:

  • Fat burning, low intensity
  • Working on any limiting factors
  • Long 85 min endurance rides

This class is open to athletes of all riding abilities, VQ Course Preview Rides will allow you to ride a unique course every week during designated times where you can work on your endurance, cadence, and other cycling skills as you ride for a 85 minute duration. These rides are designed to complement your Taste of VQ intensity rides and will strengthen your cycling abilities and prepare for your upcoming race season.

Course Preview Ride Overview

Can Anyone Join the Taste of VQ?
YES! The Taste of VQ is for athletes of ALL abilities. One of the benefits of riding indoors on a CompuTrainer is that the workout is designed around each person’s ability level. We have trained instructors that will help you cut the learning curve when training with power.

What Can I Expect in the 8-Week Session?
Up to this point, it has been possible for all athletes to train effectively on the same training routine regardless of discipline (i.e. cycling or triathlon). As we come into the time where the specific requirements of different sports diverge, the focus of our indoor workouts shifts from using this workout as your primary intensity workout to using it for energy systems maintenance. Instead of workouts based around a single focus, you will see a variety of different intensity borrowed from the previous three phases to help keep all systems sharp through race season.

Taste of VQ Classes
We currently offer Taste of VQ programs in:
-Course Preview Ride (VQ Chicago and Highland Park)
-On Your Left Women’s Program (VQ Highland Park)

What Do I Need to Bring to Class?

  • Your bicycle*(road or tri bike)
  • skewerA¬†rounded skewer for rear wheel (see pic to right)
  • Cycling or athletic clothing
  • Cycling shoes
  • Two water bottles
  • A sweat towel
  • A great attitude!

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