VQ Classes

The Transition Phase Starts October 31st.

While it’s tempting to skip your indoor interval workouts in the summer, doing this will decrease your fitness. The race phase gets you in motion to succeed at your upcoming events whether you are planning on competing or completing. Enjoy the nice weather but remember to continue to build and maintain your intensity levels while training indoors. High intensity workouts are statistically more effective when completed inside. It reduces variables (wind, traffic, etc.) and allows riders to focus on the intensity factor. This will compliment your event. Come join us during the Race Phase.

VQ Locations
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VQ Chicago
VQ Highland Park
VQ Naperville
VQ Altamonte Springs FL
VQ College Park FL
VQ Eden Prairie MN

Class Types

  • Intensity 1: These are coached, structured, indoor ride with workouts lasting about 75 minutes. Our workouts are created in 8-week phases based on the time of year and energy system progression. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can expect our workouts to have a perceived exertion rate between 7 and 10 at times.
  • Intensity 2: This ride is similar to our Intensity Ride but a different workout. This can be your only or second intensity ride of the week. The ideal training schedule would include up to 2 intensity rides a week regardless of ability level or discipline. Our Intensity 2 ride is a perfect option to get that second intensity ride without having to do the same workout, adding a little variety to your training.
  • Endurance 1: The foundation of your fitness. This is a great supplement to our intensity ride or the perfect ride for someone who needs to get some extra time in the saddle. With sufficient time in this training zone, your body will “learn” to metabolize fats as fuel. The workout will last about 75 minutes and will be on a course where you will be able to shift gears and ride at your own pace based on your goal for the day. You will also have the option to follow our coach-prescribed workout which includes intensities in the 5-8 range of the perceived exertion scale, targeting the fat-burning to tempo energy systems.
  • Endurance 2: Have a long event you’re training for or need to add volume to your training routine? When training the aerobic and sweet spot energy systems, a second endurance day can only help you build those energy systems with very little cost to your other training. Endurance 2 is a new course and coached workout that can further build the aerobic and tempo systems. It will also involve a course with the option to ride the intensity of your choice or take advantage of the coached workout with designated efforts between 5 and 8 on the perceived exertion scale.

Class Packages

4 Class Package = $99 (expires 2 months after first visit)
8 Class Package = $165 (expires 2 months after first visit)
16 Class Package = $300 (expires 4 months after first visit)

2016 VQ Phase Schedule

January – February
Cycling Strength Phase
Improving cycling specific strength
Combination of short and long intervals performed with high tension and low cadences

March – April
Power Phase
Increasing sustainable power
A variety of longer efforts around threshold power
Improving overall cycling performance

May – June
Power Phase
Shifting from sustained threshold efforts to short and harder efforts
Increasing your VO2 power
Getting you ready four your big event

July – August 
Race Phase
Keeping all of your energy systems strong
Teaching your body to recover with limited time
Getting ready for your race, group ride, or time trial

September – October 
Maintenance Phase
Maintaining the fitness you’ve worked so hard to develop from eroding
Working on various energy system in your body
Keeping your training interesting and motivate you to workout

November – December
Transition Phase
Shifting back toward low-key structured training
Dual emphasis during these eight weeks on cycling-specific strength and pedaling skills

Can Anyone Participate in Our Non-Member Classes?
YES! Our classes are for athletes of ALL abilities. One of the benefits of riding indoors on a CompuTrainer is that the workout is designed around each person’s ability level. We have trained instructors that will help you cut the learning curve when training with power.

What Can I Expect in the 8-Week Session?
Up to this point, it has been possible for all athletes to train effectively on the same training routine regardless of discipline (i.e. cycling or triathlon). As we come into the time where the specific requirements of different sports diverge, the focus of our indoor workouts shifts from using this workout as your primary intensity workout to using it for energy systems maintenance. Instead of workouts based around a single focus, you will see a variety of different intensity borrowed from the previous three phases to help keep all systems sharp through race season.

VQ Classes
We currently offer VQ programs in:

What Do I Need to Bring to Class?

  • Your bicycle*(road or tri bike)
  • skewerA rounded skewer for rear wheel (see pic to right)
  • Cycling or athletic clothing
  • Cycling shoes
  • Two water bottles
  • A sweat towel
  • A great attitude!

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