What We Believe

Vision Quest Coaching, with its facility-based training centers, is dedicated to providing the highest quality of endurance training delivered by world-class coaches. Owner and hands-on coach Robbie Ventura has established Vision Quest Coaching so every person can achieve true health and fitness and reach his or her athletic goals. We pride ourselves on building an atmosphere in which every athlete feels comfortable to train at his or her own individual level, push limits and enjoy the process.

Vision Quest Coaching is a dynamic, hands-on, fully involved coaching program designed to provide direct interaction between endurance athletes and their coaches.

As with any program or partnership—coaching with Vision Quest is a two-way street. To understand how the VQ program works and to ensure our athletes understand the necessary level of commitment to make it successful, we provide this “Vision Quest Coaching Service Commitment”:

Vision Quest Coaching Commitment to Our Athletes:

Facilities: Vision Quest provides private facilities that offer a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for the athletes to meet and work out. We strive to ensure that the best training technologies and equipment are available for your training as it pertains to the VQ workout schedule.

Weekly Coached Workouts: Every week will feature specifically targeted group workouts, these workouts, designed by our elite coaches, go hand-in-hand with your training schedule. A VQ-certified instructor will be available at all workouts to provide advice and mentoring for athletes. Updates will be posted regularly in case of bad weather or changes to the schedule.

The Coach: Access to your coach is easy. Since we are designed to service the local market, your coach will live and work near you (excludes the Remote Package). Depending on your package level, you can have face-to-face interaction with your coach. VQ coaches will communicate weekly with their athletes via e-mails and/or phone calls. VQ is dedicated to providing the highest level of coaching expertise. All of our coaches are selected by Robbie Ventura and continue to build upon their certifications and training throughout the year. VQ is dedicated to continuing education for its coaching team to ensure coaching is constantly improving and leading to better results for our athletes.

Training Plans: Training plans are an essential component for achieving the results you want. At VQ, your training plan is custom-designed for you, based on your goals and objectives and with input and guidance from a VQ coach. Your coach will work with you to tune and refine your plan during your training as you improve your skills and to identify key areas for future improvement.

Race Support: At select events, we offer our athletes full race support, including water, food, and supplies. VQ coaches also conduct race previews and are available for post-race debriefing. As part of the VQ family, we are dedicated to supporting our members inside, as well as outside the facility. Your race goals are our race goals.

Group Motivation: One of the key benefits to training and working out with other athletes as dedicated as you are, is the constant motivation and camaraderie. Provide mentoring or be mentored by someone who understands your goals. Share your knowledge with others and work as a group to motivate each other. Most of all: HAVE FUN!!!

What We Expect from All of Our Athletes:

Communication: It is the responsibility of each athlete to submit data and information to his or her coach. For our coaches to properly understand your training needs, it is critical that you communicate with your coach weekly. Power files are discussed weekly along with information about the previous week’s training/race results. It’s vital that you report any injuries or concerns immediately.

Commit to Your Plan: The best training plan is one that you are committed to doing. If you miss workouts or choose other activities, then understand that you may fall behind on meeting your goals and objectives. VQ and your coach will work together with you to reach new heights—make sure you do your part.

Athlete’s Equipment: You will need a good quality road or TT bike. Vision Quest provides all members with discounts on power meters.