VQ Coaches

Led by elite power coach and retired U.S. Postal Team cyclist, Robbie Ventura, the staff at Vision Quest Coaching have years of experience coaching athletes of all levels in endurance sports.

The coaches that have been selected to work for VQ are experts in their fields and have passion for helping athletes reach goals. VQ combines top-notch coaches with solid science in exercise physiology and nutrition and a constant dedication to customer service in order to deliver the Vision Quest Coaching product.

We select our coaches based on their experience, certifications, personal accomplishments, expertise in their fields, and overall enthusiasm for the role. Vision Quest is dedicated to providing continued training to our coaches to ensure that they remain up to date with the latest science and training techniques.

Vision Quest Coaching is founded by Robbie Ventura and run along side with Dave Noda.
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Expert Coaches

Available to our members, these are certified coaches that have experience in their fields, understand the Vision Quest philosophy and are dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals.

Bill Bartlett (Triathlon)
Kyle Bostedt (Triathlon)
Dr. Rob Ehrman (Triathlon, Cycling)
Adrienne Glasheen (Triathlon)
Dr. David Hoag (Cycling)
Kevin Hughes (Triathlon)
Ron Weinert (Triathlon)
Tobias Woelfert (Triathlon)
Joe Wrobel (Cycling)

Elite Coaches

Vision Quest Elite Coaches each have 10+ years experience riding/racing and coaching. They have achieved professional status in their fields and are able to provide insight, guidance, and direction that warrant a higher level or access for our members.

Karyn Austin (Triathlon)
Mike Heagney (Cycling)
Dan Jerger (Cycling)
Dan Litwora (Triathlon)
Mike Peters (Cycling/Triathlon)
Jason Schisler, Director of Coaching
Carlos Soler (Cycling)


Our experienced, knowledgeable staff of Instructors can be found teaching Taste of VQ Classes, Outdoor Rides, Functional Training and Training Camps.

Janet Katz
Enrico Lagman (Cycling)
KC Maddelein (Cycling)
Kelly Mulock (Cycling)
Don Riley (Functional Training)
Tommy Rodriguez (Cycling)
Mike Stanek (Cycling)


Dr. Cal Brown (VQ Chicago)
Cecilia Brunetti (VQ Chicago)
Nan Doyal (VQ Highland Park)
Dr. Mitch Goldflies (VQ Chicago)
Dr. David Hoag (VQ Highland Park)
Steve Jensen (VQ Chicago)
Janet Katz (VQ Highland Park)
Lesley Macedon (VQ Chicago)
Paul Rosenblum (VQ Highland Park)
Tim Zoph (VQ Highland Park)


Recovery is a critical component in the overall the training regime. VQ’s on-staff massage therapists can work with you as needed to accelerate your recovery.

Jen Agan (Chicago)

Swim Coaches

Whether you have never been formally taught how to swim or you are an expert waterman, our knowledgeable swim coaches can help you improve your swimming abilities.

Marcia Cleveland (Highland Park)
Andrea Rudser-Rusin (Chicago)

Dietician / Nutritionist

Karen Malkin
Andrea Rudser-Rusin